APEcoin DAO asks NFT Twitter for its governance structure

Now, following the announcement of APEcoin DAO, this concept is being challenged by NFT Twitter for its management structure. People are now saying it’s wrong after cryptanalyst Cobie posted his concerns on social media platforms and in a blog post.

About APECoin

The $ APE coin is a management token recently introduced by the makers behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yuga Labs. The current holders of some already issued NFTs within the Bored Ape world have received a large amount of money via airdrop. Currently, the price of the coin is around $ 14.41. The price, which is almost half of the total $ 27.51. We have seen many price increases and reductions. As you can see for all management tokens and all cryptocurrency-based assets.

Reply to Twitter ApeCoin DAO

In principle, APECoin is currently being criticized. This is for their announced management system. Cobie, a market analyst, posted his concerns about the impact of the first posts on Twitter. They are a big shift in DAO. After Cobie’s original Tweet, many people in the community also shared these ideas.

To be clear, the problem people have with the currency that is part of the BAYC series is their management system. In addition, the structure of board members is clearly not suitable for solving specific problems. Cobie asked if ApeCoin board members are investors who are starting contributions or not. If so, Cobie said it was “surprising that only board members are like people with possible counter-motives for the rest of the DAO.”

To date, 140 million APE coins have been allocated to rocket launchers. In fact, Cobie points out that some members have more than 33% of the allocation available at the time the strike begins.

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