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How to check Airtel number in just a few seconds

 Bharti Airtel is one of the famous telecom operators in India. This telecommunications company is committed to providing the best service and serving customers who are part of the company’s vast foundation.  Customer service and multiple products are some of the key points for attracting new users to switch networks and use … Read more

Full Form of GST: Meaning, Different types, History, Direct, Indirect Tax

 The government of every country needs a steady stream of revenue to enable the country to play its truest role, and taxation is the main source of this revenue. The taxes collected by the government are ultimately spent on the public of the country. There are two main types of taxes in India, namely direct taxes and indirect taxes.  Direct tax is basically an income tax … Read more

Full Form of KYC: What is KYC, Importance, Types , EKYC vs. oKYC vs. CKYC

You may encounter “KYC”, but have you ever thought about the meaning of this term or its importance?  Let’s explore it in detail. If you want to know the meaning of KYC and the full form of KYC, which literally means to know your customers, this is a due diligence activity, that is, a review or investigation to verify certain facts. … Read more

Full Form of CID :Eligibility criteria, Types of Job Roles, branches , Opportunities

The Full Form of CID is the Crime Investigation Department of the Indian National Police. It is a unit of the police department and is led by ADG (Additional Director of Police Department). CID is headquartered in Pune, and the government handles specific cases handed over by … Read more