Bianca Van Damme and Scott Bushaw Launch NFT Health Wall

Bianca Van Damme and Scott Bushaw (BB) started working with the NFT space, opening up a whole new horizon for work. The powerhouse duo have worked together since 2014, but are now looking to walk away from any commissioned content. Now their job is to publicize the organizations they refer to. Their first project, The WALL, captured Bianca’s personal health as a bipolar/unipolar, bipolar, and ADHD patient.

The WALLs NFT collection already has 3,333 works available on OpenSea. As part of its support for the mentally ill, 9.99% of the BB Community Wallet goes to the Child Mind Institute. The products will go on sale from March 18 to April 18, 2022 with a starting price of 0.499 ETH.


By writing for the first time, BB opened up to believers and supporters. This NFT purchase allows its owners to become BB Founders. BB founders will receive a 9-20% royalty on all future BB business. For example, if a total of 3,333 NFTs are shipped, the $7.5 million BB Pounder Wallet entitles each book to $2,250. That alone is crazy and unconventional interest.

Plus, every owner gets first-hand access to new photos. Owners will also need access to IRL experience and partnership in the future. Also, if you become a designer, you can hang out with BB artists.

The project partners with the Naomi Osaka NFT to promote global mental health awareness.

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