Bored Ape Restaurant, tired and hungry, was the first to receive ApeCoin

Bored & Hungry, the world’s first Bored Ape-themed restaurant, is now the first to receive ApeCoin ($ APE)! Hours before the grand opening in Long Beach on April 9, the restaurant announced via Twitter that it would receive $ APE and $ ETH.

In addition, certified BAYC holders will receive a free combination meal (see photo). Free burgers come to you for MAYC holders. Do you want more? Just go to Bored & Hungry at 2405 E 7th St. in Long Beach, California. Food and hunger

Tired and hungry, they removed the stigma surrounding the NFT

Founded by renowned food entrepreneur Andy Nguyen, Bored & Hungry will serve as a 90-day pop-up run by Trill Burgers and Beleaf Burgers. In addition, as the proud owner of Bored Ape Yacht Club # 6184, Nguyen used Ape IP to create a restaurant brand.

“The goal is to go back to the growing Web 3.0 community and open the door for those who want to learn more about this new world of Web 3 / NFT,” said Nguyen. “Our job is to educate the public about this new future world. And to show people that you can turn this IP into a brand / company. Take the stigma of ‘It’s just jpeg’.”

Given the long line of customers behind their starting point, it is safe to say that Nguyen’s vision will come true. However, the founder of Bored & Hungry did not slow down his NFT business. In fact, Nguyen will team up with Kevin See to launch the NFT Food Fighters Universe (FFU) collection this May.

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The goal is to develop the world’s first group of restaurants with NFT support and use Web 3 to address the problems that exist in the food and beverage sector today. However, Bored & Hungry is not the first NFT-themed restaurant. However, the honor belongs to the Flyfish Club, which is the first NFT restaurant in the world founded by Gary Vee. Thanks to the widespread adoption of the NFT, we will see more stories like Bored & Hungry’s in the coming months.

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