Bright Moments NFT Gallery has partnered with Ledger.

Offering a world-class experience, the Bright Moments IRL NFT DAO image extension is a delight. In a statement, they confirmed that they were involved in a joint venture with cash experts from Ledger.

Ledger will support new NFT content. Here they will collaborate to create corporate IP content to create educational videos and videos. This topic will focus on blockchain education and cryptocurrency education around the world. Images from the period at NFT Art Berlin

Bright Moments announces that the next NFT Gallery event is a collaboration with Ledger, which will provide cooler bags, and more for the long term.

Ariel Wengroff, Vice President of Communications at Ledger, said, “Education is key to joining Web3 in the future.”

Bright Moments is also a collaboration with William Morris Endeavor (WME). Together with Ledger, these two companies will help DAOs continue to provide blockchain and crypto education around the world.

What are Bright Moments?

Bright Moments is not the same place. In fact, it’s like international conferences. They host international NFT tourist destinations including Venice, New York and Berlin. In the meantime, they see themselves as role models for highly profitable community organizations.

Established in 2021, it is a strong DAO community of digital artists, NFT professionals, art lovers and more. Bright Moments also has its own pfp NFT project called CryptoCitizens.

Finally, this announcement confirms that Ledger is the Bright Moments cooler bag store at the upcoming NFT Art Berlin. The event will take place April 6-23 in Berlin, Germany. The experience of this IRL site is not to be forgotten for NFT art lovers.

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