Cannes becomes the first European city to become a landmark of the NFT

The city of Cannes announced on Tuesday that it will be the first city in Europe to create the iconic monuments of these NFTs. The city will sell these NFTs at auction. This means that there is already a chance to own the Boulevard de la Croisette or the Palais des Festivals as the NFT. The city movement comes as an attempt to “invest” in metaversion.

Cannes created some of the iconic monuments of these NFTs. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cannes NFT: What you need to know

Cannes will create a total of 11 landmarks for the NFT. These include Port Canto, Sainle Sainte-Marguerite and Fort Royal, Malmaison and the Old Port. Others on the list include Forville Market, Le Suquet, Pointe Croisette and the Georges Méliès campus.

“The aim of this operation is to enhance the beauty of Cannes by strengthening and promoting its historical heritage, vector identity and authenticity,” said the municipality. Cannes teamed up with Pertimm to create NFT landmarks. The new French company Pertimm has more than 20 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence and e-commerce.

Cannes will host 10 NFTs during the Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival. The festival will run from June 20 to 24, 2022. After that, the 11th NFT will be awarded to the people of Cannes through a raffle. In addition, the city donates part of the NFT’s sales to the Cannes Foundation to support environmental projects.

Several initiatives to support the NFT have taken place across Europe in recent months. Last month, for example, the NFT factory announced its plans to open a 400-square-meter space in Paris in September 2022. The Web3 pioneering group, the NFT factory, aims to present France as a leader in Web3-outer space.

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