Decentralized Pictures, a non-profit organization founded by Roman Coppola, closes NFT

Decentralized Pictures (DCP), a non-profit organization founded by Roman Coppola, presents the NFT collection. This is the first time the FIMCrew NFT is written to celebrate the video industry and will provide unparalleled benefits to NFT owners.

The FIMCrew NFT collection will help Decentralized Pictures support independent filmmakers.

Sales revenue also contributes to the independence of the film industry. This is the main goal of Decentralized Pictures and helps filmmakers around the world. Meanwhile, the NFT collection has beautiful works of art. The original 56 drawing by Lithuanian director and artist Robertas Nevecka is reminiscent of playing cards.

Each card also provides a touch on personal items from the movies. For example, a card might see a stuntman, a professional, or a leader.

Decentralized Figure NFTs have multiple devices attached to them.

The FILMcrew NFT collection from Decentralized Pictures is now available for purchase in two ways. NFT videos can be purchased on DCP’s T3L4NT network, on the Tezos blockchain, and on using Tezos. There are a total of 5,615 NFTs on the T3L4NT and Rarible. FIMCrew NFT allows owners to attend special events, enter the restaurant and receive free purchases for the annual poker tournament.

Co-Founder and CEO Leo Matchett said, “For the first time, the NFT Card Game was dedicated to the film industry and offered membership to members of the Decentralized Pictures cohort.

Finally, DCP offers 10 fairly fast in-app decks. Reportedly, the first 560 subscribers will receive a free FIMCrew NFT.

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