Documentary director ‘Be My NFT’ at Chronicling the Early NFT Space

The path to the filming of Be My NFT was a challenge for director Olivier Klepatzki. In fact, it can be difficult to get to the fastest growing area in normal times. Not to mention the later phase of a global pandemic.

However, Klepatzky managed to put his documentary project together and there are only a few months left to complete it. If there is anything in his NFTeven conversation, it is his passion for the universe. The thing that absolutely kept him from running the project until such a short time. “I love the NFT, I love the crypto. That’s why I want to share my love, but also be honest with people who don’t understand or don’t like it.

After a ten-year career in film and television, Olivier Klepatzky shared his love for cryptocurrencies and Web3 through “Be My NFT.”

Olivier Klepatzki’s career led to his documentary on the NFT

Olivier Klepatzky has a 22-year career in the French film and television sector. However, like many creators, he sometimes considers most of this work to be creative. “I don’t know how it is in other parts of the world, but in France it’s always hard to come up with new ideas. It’s always been two years ago, it worked very well 10 years ago – we can do the same.

All of this began to change during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent closures. Klepatzky begins to notice interesting events on social networks. During the panic and grief, people began to dance.

“People started dancing at home. Professional dancers, anonymous carers, nurses, police – everything. And I looked at it and thought I should make a movie about it. What we live for. We die every time you listen to the news. It’s the end of the world, you have to separate. I don’t see any. And I see the opposite of social networking, right?

In addition to the incredible excitement of United By Dance, this is also the first time Klepatzky has made a film just for himself.

Background of the documentary project “Be My NFT”.

The COVID era also led Klepatzky to discover cryptocurrencies. The filmmaker first introduced bitcoins and ethereum in 2017. In 2021, the NFT began to appear in the public consciousness in the crypto space. A development he considered incredibly interesting.

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Sure, Klepatzky is predisposed to notice the NFT given his early attitude to cryptocurrencies. He said, “I can’t say I’m crypto-native, but I believe in crypto.”

While working on United By Dance, Klepatzky continued to write notes in the exploding space of the NFT. Finally, in September 2021, he decided that it would be more interesting not to go through the topic. At that time, he officially started working on Be My NFT. Logo Be My NFT

The documentary project is compiled very quickly, which is in line with the development of the field it documents.

The documentary is the director’s way of educating the audience

As is clear to anyone observing the universe, NFTs are quite a controversial topic. Like many people who are excited about the possibilities of new technologies, there are countless others who doubt the best and definitely disagree with the worst.

Klepatzky holds the view held by many NFT fans. That is, they believe they are an inevitable complement to our lives. “I think [in] the NFT people think it’s just about greed. Either it’s just something for geeks or it’s stupid. But they don’t know we have an NFT in the future. The future. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon Most People probably don’t know they have NFT, but they have NFTS, whether in their wallet or behind the app.

So Klepatzky found his opinion on how he dealt with Be My NFT. Although he is excited about NFT and Web3, he has no plans to make a legal film. Instead, he just wanted to do something educational. A way to promote the NFT lens to people who are pioneers in this field.

“[NFTs are] part of evolution. I’m not saying it’s good evolution, but it’s here. The world is not perfect and will never be perfect, so there are good and bad things in the NFT like everyone else. That’s life. So I wanted to make a movie to show people what the NFT has to offer. ”

Klepatzky must act immediately and connect with COVID to make “Be My NFT” a reality.

Given the fast pace of the NFT, Klepatzky knew he had to act fast. In fact, he knows that this project cannot wait for funding or support from slow, traditional channels.

Fortunately, the director is a newcomer to his first great experience with independent film, so he is very ready to take on the challenge. And so he continued the new project with a sense of urgency.

“I’ve found a co-producer. As a lunatic, I’m talking to a guy I may not have known two months ago, but I think we should start because now is the time. And if we don’t start filming right away, we have something we’re missing.”

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However, the timeline of Be My NFT’s production will still be related to the connection due to COVID-19. One consequence is that Klepatzky will not be able to travel to the US on the NYC NFT. However, the filmmaker was still able to get some of the major interviews planned earlier.

Interviews Be My NFT

Be My NFT has some great numbers from the NFT space, such as FEWOCiOUS and Sam Hamilton of Decentraland.

Klepatzky scored with the big names in the NFT, which are visible from the beginning

The first point of Klepatzky’s call for Be My NFT was the NFT collector and community creator, Mondoir. “I sent him an e-mail. And he answered me quickly and we started a discussion.”

Luckily, Mondoir is in the middle of planning a private exhibition in Liverpool – where Mondoir is currently hosting a major NFT art event. Not only that, but the exhibition will present one of the most iconic names of NFT artists, the intimidating young NFT artist, FEWOCiOUS.

“I said I would never forget it. So I asked him if I could go, and he said yes, so our first shooting was in Liverpool. That was perfect.”

Thanks to the Art Basel event in Miami, Klepatzky will soon add several big hits to his list of interviews. It is noteworthy that the NFT took over the year 2021 traditional art events. In other words, it could have triggered several conversations with Klepatzky for Be My NFT at once.

“[In Miami] I’m so happy to have all these people in the same place. So I rented a space. And I booked a few slots with maybe 10 or 12 people and we did an interview there.”

Klepatzky was reluctant to name one participant as his favorite interviewer and instead emphasized the strength of all his respondents in their respective fields. “All the speakers gave me a new perspective, something that was interesting because everyone had their specialties.”

Olivier Klepatzky interviews Cathy Hackl at Art Basel Miami

Kleptazky was able to conduct many personal interviews in Art Basel, Miami.

Of course, Klepatzky will try to raise funds for the project through the NFT collection

No wonder Klepatzky will raise money to complete the Be My NFT documentary project through the NFT collection. On the one hand, it is a much more attractive option than hunting in traditional distribution shops. On the other hand, it brings a lot of talk about the element of community participation that the NFT can shape so well.

The NFT collection for Be My NFT comes in the form of a limited collection of photographs created by renowned photographer Ludovic Baron. Speaking of the numbers of NFT collections, Klepatzky emphasized that this would require a different approach to the pfp collections that dominated the NFT last year.

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“It’s not a 10K project. Because [NFT space] is fast and for me it’s like [such a project] in the past.

In addition, although selling a limited collection may present fewer problems than selling a collection of 10,000, Klepatzky still points to crowdfunding challenges for a project like this. After all, he has experience with crowdfunding for his previous feature documentary.

As such, Klepatzky addresses a fundamental problem that can generally be applied to NFTs. Thus, the difficulty of raising funds for intangible products.

“If you’re on Kickstarter and let’s say you sell a cycling helmet, it’s easy. You have products, maybe you’re a reputable company, in the end a man has a helmet. So it’s easy for consumers. And you have to think about the future. Therefore, it cannot be found. ”

Someone is speaking on stage at NFT Paris 2022

Klepatzky screened the trailers at NFT Paris in January 2022.

The director hopes that the project will inspire other filmmakers

The current document plan is to have both formats. It will basically be a series of four episodes, with each episode focusing on one theme. In addition, the entire 90-minute feature film will be available at IRL NFT festivals and events. Klepatzky hopes to finish this film in June.

Overall, Klepatzky hopes that Be My NFT will serve as an example of what can be done. The director knows first hand how many young filmmakers have benefited from many starting points for their creativity. Frankly, it was one of his motivations for making the film. Speaking of this idea, he said:

“It’s very important to me because the idea behind it all can help other people make their films in the beginning.”

And as an NFT, of course, it makes perfect sense to see the technology that brings about the necessary change. Not only in his industry, but in the whole field. And we are definitely a company that needs some change.

“I think it’s time to change all the things we live in now. Pandemics, crises, wars – everything.”

However, as throughout the interview, he quickly put in a healthy dose of realism. He who claims to be no more optimistic NFT evangelist. He knows that for all their benefits, the NFTs do not make the world an utopia of creative autonomy overnight. But many people will certainly benefit.

“We can’t all stop our jobs. I think we have to be realistic. But I think it’s time to have one day in life.”

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