Even another NFT influencer cheated on his crypt – here’s how

NFT cryptocouplers are becoming more common in the community. A new scam seems to be emerging every day. The most popular designs are carpet pullers and money grabs. The project will appear, be bombed and then scrapped, so most investors have no return on investment.

But what happens when you wake up and find that your entire cryptocurrency has been emptied by a thief? Decentralized platforms are not exactly known for their exceptional customer service. As a result, peer-to-peer transactions sometimes require peer-to-peer support.

In NFT, 0x_fxnction brings things directly to social media. His stock was compromised at 2349 Solana ($ SOL) on Tuesday morning at 1:30. That’s $ 249,651 at the current market rate. When he knew it was over, he went to Twitter to share his story in a short thread. This is not a prompt for a sympathetic or sympathetic party. He hopes to learn from the situation so that it doesn’t happen to him (or anyone).

So how did it all happen? Some important questions include all the answers. solana NFT Crypto-fraud

Why are all the cryptocurrencies in one wallet?

Most of the funds in DeGods NFT’s profit are intended to help 0x_fxnction buy a house, as part of the plans will be withdrawn next week.

Did he use a mining scholarship?

Not really. He used the scholarships in October, but Phantom deprived him of access to random coin websites. But that is not enough.

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Are the seeds of the word compromised?

Not even once. All physical copies where the initial phrase is stored securely and not yet online. In addition, many wallets with Solana are associated with that sense and nothing is stolen. Did he link his wallet to a foreign site?

In contrast, 0x_fxnction is very careful in this, but probably not careful enough.

So what exactly happened?

It is speculated that the compromise comes from an old mining site last year. The site may still have access to the stock market despite the Phantom’s recovery. It can also be the result of “auto-approval” coins, which are constantly used for speeding.

The last piece of advice?

Avoid using a primary mining wallet. Even if you use a new wallet for stamping, transfer your crypto and NFT back to the main wallet.

“Losses are about the game,” he shared 0x_fxnction via tweet. As such, the key is to recover and protect yourself from future losses.

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