Everything in the second plan of the NFT worlds: what you need to know

The popular NFT metaverse platform, NFT Worlds, has entered a new phase with an impressive second roadmap. Fans of this metaversion space will welcome the news with hundreds of NFT projects using the platform to build their own unique metaversion ecosystem.

The new roadmap will be broad and, when completed, will create a metaverse platform that was just launched in October last year as a forerunner in space. NFT Worlds currently has more than 55,000 unique players and more than $ 500,000 WRLD transactions in the game. It is a large ecosystem with 10,000 worlds that is constantly growing at a rapid pace. NFT Worlds logo with plan

NFT Worlds presents a new comprehensive plan that transforms the space of the NFT meta version.

Roadmap 1.0 laid the groundwork for the launch of the NFT Worlds project, and now Roadmap 2.0 “builds and fulfills a metaphorical kingdom at the top of the ground.”

NFT Worlds highlights the key areas they want to focus on in 2022. In a 17-page article, they outline what the future holds.

NFT Worlds Roadmap 2.0 will focus on progress

A detailed article tells us that the metaverse project will try to improve this gap. To this end, the NFT Worlds has plans for the following areas. First, they want to make it easier for players to create unlimited cryptocurrency metaversions in order to make money. They eliminate additional sources of friction for players and provide more tools and freedom.

Second, NFT Worlds wants to increase player acceptance and use incentives to keep creators in metaverse, games and content.

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Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there is a study on strengthening the combined $ WRLD token economy across many worlds of the NFT meta version.

NFT Worlds has a very knowledgeable and creative team that puts all the plans into the plan. This is the main focus and within these three areas there are different ideas and schemes for 2022 and 2023.

NFT Worlds is a huge ecosystem and the new plan aims, among other things, to help each ecosystem interconnect.

What exactly is NFT Worlds Planning?

NFT Worlds wants to be the largest metaversion ecosystem, and the new plan puts this vision into practice.

There are plans –


  • Tap P2E to encourage and reward creators around the WORLD
  • Updated tokenomics to better serve the NFT Worlds ecosystem
  • The WRLD name service acts as an easy-to-use cross-network address similar to ENS
  • ERC1155 NFT Worlds Items (in-game items acquired through quests, tasks, etc.)
  • Influenza market for Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.
  •  The rental market in the 2nd quarter of 2022, where anyone in the WORLD can rent
  • Avatars and cosmetics for players (Q2 2022)
  • Portal mechanics that allow seamless movement between meta versions
  • Redesigned graphics and user interface and live video and streaming capabilities.


The plans for the NFT Worlds plan are fantastic and we look forward to seeing it on the spot. Especially the bar game and the rental market are more popular ideas.

In addition, avatars give people a chance to have their own unique identity. In April, NFT Worlds will launch its Genesis avatars collection. It is a collection of 15,000 NFT avatars and the list of allowed mints will open next week, April 30.

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