Forget STEPN, Animoca Brands has a Move-to-Earn Game: Dustland Runner

Animoca Brands has teamed up with OliveX on the campaign’s Dustland Runner, which can make money. In May this year, whitelist users will be creating Dustland Runner’s Operation Ape: Exclusive NFT Access Pass.

New Dustland Runner-The Animoca Brands game focused on earnings

Dustland Runner is the first sound adventure game for runners that focuses on training, taking place in a post-apocalyptic game environment. In addition, running in the real world improves the game account and rewards NFT and DOSE tokens to users. In addition, players can use these rewards to enhance and enhance their adventures.

Operation Ape is a project within Dustland Runner. Players can complete missions to help a colony of endangered pirates in the desert.

Meanwhile, the Animoca brand will receive 30 white spaces for each of its selected projects. These projects also include The Sandbox, Benji Bananas, Torque Squad, GAMEE, Crazy Defense Heroes, REVV Racing and MadWorld. In short, winners of whitelist seats will be able to benefit from access passes. In fact, the best way to win the area’s white list in Operation Ape is to follow the social administration project.

Players can also qualify for the whitelist in three easy steps:

  • Create or register a Dustland account.
  • Download the Dustland Runner app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Play the game to complete missions and get three “completion cards” in the game. Or hold three Kettlemine NFT.

Finally, Operation Monkey Access Pass holders can complete Dustland Runner monkey missions and earn a BATCH. In addition, OliveX comes with a DOSE / ApeCoin liquidity pool, which allows players to exchange DOSE for ApeCoin.

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