Guerlain’s Cryptobees NFT is connected to real land in storage.

Luxury beauty brand Guerlain combines stable, high-tech production with Cryptobees NFT. All profits from Cryptobees will be used to support the reconstruction of the Vallée de la Millière in France.

Introduction to Guerlain Cryptobees and Reverse

There are 1828 cryptocurrencies. Each link to the floor bag in the storage area, with the actual area of ​​the section it supports. Guerlain NFT “makes things better in real life,” the headline reads. A book called Reaverse provides facts and information about the Metaverse. There are 4 rarities with special images. The categories are: 8 Super Rare, 20 Rare, 500 Fairly Rare, 1300 Regular.

Cryptobees are NFTs based on Tezos. It is a “clean” NFT because Tezos claims to use less power than other blockchains. You can get a Cryptobee for 20-250XTZ. At the time of writing, these are around $70 and $890. You can still expect to return at the end of April.

Photo by Guerlain NFT.

You can get a Cryptobee between 20 and 250XTZ (almost 70 and 890 Euros). 1 credit

Cryptobee customers receive digital graphics and benefits such as access to storage space. “Joining the Reaverse means contributing to stable work and community engagement,” said Guerlain. Work on the project began when operations at the NFT were exhausted last year in support of the Vallée de la Millière project.

French photographer, director and LVMH consultant Yann Arthus-Bertrand has started rehabilitation work on 28 hectares of land.

Scientists use the area to reduce human impact on the ecosystem. To date, they have identified over 350 species of plants and animals. Guerlain also works for the Women’s Beekeeping Entrepreneurship Program as part of a partnership between LVMH and UNESCO. In case you missed it, the first digital-only fashion house, Maker, is driving the future of the fashion industry.

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