Immutable X acquires Unicorn status after purchasing $ 2.5 billion

The immutable X officially achieved “unicorn status.” to their assessment of the state of the round of financing on line C. The company was officially announced on Monday and will operate until 2022 with a net worth of $ 2.5 billion. With new employees like Justin Hulog of Riot Games, the new year went well for Immutable.

Fixed X reaches Unicorn status after evaluation

Immutable’s Valuation

Following a partnership with Gamestop, Immutable announced that it had raised $ 200 million during the C-Series financing phase. The financing phase reached more than $ 200 million, mostly dominated by Temasek, an investment firm based in Singapore. Other contributions include the gaming giant “Tencent” and the leading meta-asset company Animoca Brands.

Immutable is the company behind Immutable X, a Layer 2 platform that runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Immutable X processes thousands of transactions in its own network using StarEx-less technology. Immutable X then sends them to the Ethereum network as a transaction, so sending and receiving is cheaper. Immutable is responsible for games like “God’s Unchained” and the upcoming mobile title “Guild Of Guardians” and runs the NFT game package.

The team plans to use the newly acquired funds to measure the game studio and NFT technology. Recent years’ estimates have shown that Immutable can barely exceed the $ 35 million average. After widespread support from technology giants such as Temasek and Tencent, the world where NFT and Triple-A Gaming meet every minute is becoming more and more a reality.

“Innovation is rooted in creating a leading, ambitious and reliable web3 ecosystem for a new era of creators looking for innovative results in the fastest growing industry. Industry in the world.” Our investment partners understand the strength and potential of the Immutable X platform and play a key role in the next phase of our growth. – James Ferguson

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