Is Azuki NFT Airdrop Surprise the biggest April Fool’s joke of all time?

Depending on who you’re asking, it’s one of the most common April Fools’ pranks ever, or it’s just evil. A few days ago at the Garden Party, the Azuki team announced a surprising 2 NFT airdrop for each Azuki NFT. The news has put the Azuki community on the edge of its seats, only to wake up from a pile of dirt. No, I mean literally, the original poison turned into a picture with a pile of dirt. So for every Azuki NFT you have, you now have TWO piles of dirt.

The owners are still amazed by this discovery. On the other hand, these piles of dirt are still actively selling OpenSea. Despite the negative change, the NFT’s “official item” has a minimum price of ETH 4,974. At the time of writing, the total volume sold was 8.6,000 ETH and is still increasing. In addition, the description of the collection still says: existuje there is a future .. ’. So the stage is over or not?

Azuki April gear

UNSA ?? I mean it .. WHAT ?? Credit: OpenSea

Azuki NFT Airdrop: Legal or a prank?

Azuki airdrop previously brought a wave of strong sentiment, while Azuki NFT recorded a rise in prices on its floor. While many in the community were disappointed with their fate or laughed at the whole betting, speculation began to multiply.

One Twitter user thought it was soil, not dirt, indicating that something was growing. Another Twitter user highlighted the “IKZ” tag on the box before turning it into a pile of dirt. Another says that dirt is like earth, maybe an Azuki metaphor? In the midst of all theories, tons of memes circulating on Twitter will surely brighten your day.

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