Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura’s NFT is selling for 12.5 ETH.

Yesterday “Memorial Art of Gymnastics Legend – KOHEI UCHIMURA × DAI TAMURA” sold NFT for 12.5 ETH, around 42,000 USD at the time of writing. This NFT commemorates the retirement of Kohei Uchimura. He has achieved great success in gymnastics over the years. Artist Dai Tamura describes the landing time the winner focuses on in each artwork.

Gymnastics legend memorial art – KOHEI UCHIMURA × DAI TAMURA. Credit: OpenSea

Uchimura Kohei Project

First, let me show you how gorgeous this image is. Dai Tamura, an NBA certified writer, is “leaving” this list permanently. This 1 of 1 NFT shows the movement from the 2014 World Gymnastics Championships. He won the title of King Kohei five times together. And the most emblematic movement, landing it completely down to the millimeter.

The above project is the first project of the Uchimura Kohei project (project 001). Project 002 was sold yesterday and it is very different. He has a membership card with LIVE Sign. Each NFT video presents its action, words and entries in digital format. Similarly, we expect Project 003 to result in the same exclusion.

Part of the profits are donated to “Do Not Play Games”. It is a partnership in which the best athletes support the development of student sport beyond athletics. Financial difficulties, especially during epidemics, led to more and more student-athletes abandoning athletics to qualify for more “successful” courses. This organization helps them find their gifts while earning money.

japanese gymnast

Kohei Uchimura is an Olympic gymnastics gold medalist from Japan. The 33-year-old recently announced his retirement and salutes graciously. To this day, many people in the gymnastics world consider him the king of gymnastics. From 2009 to 2016, no other candidate had the opportunity to steal the international title from him. Unsurprisingly, he won the hearts of many, especially family members.

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