John Terry supports the NFT Racehorse Game MetaRace

John Terry is back in the NFT space, this time supporting the NFT P2E racing game MetaRace. The famous footballer, a former captain of the Chelsea and England football club, had not said anything before about his love for the NFT.

After his NFT collection ‘Ape Kids Football Club’ dropped in price, he deleted almost all of his social media posts about the project. Now it looks like the former defender is back and promoting MetaRace.

John Terry is back after the NFT promotion and this time it’s MetaRace.

P2E MetaRace was launched in April on the decentralized edge rendering metaverse of the Caduceus protocol. This is the first of its kind launched by Caduceus, developed by MetaverseGraph Labs.

John Terry lent his name to MetaRace

At MetaRace Horse Racing, users can interact with other equestrian enthusiasts. There are many game modes and you can race your mechanical horse to get rewards. What’s more, in this game you can experience the whole ecosystem of horse racing.

In a MetaRace press release, he said: “MetaRace has great respect for key leaders in various fields who have expanded their knowledge of this partnership, legendary football superstar John Terry, one of England and Chelsea’s most successful captains. In addition, we present professional snooker legend and former world champion Stephen “Snooker Emperor” Hendry.

The purchase of the project by John Terry will open the game to millions of fans. Horse racing is extremely popular in England, where John has most of his fans.

Hopefully, MetaRace will be even better than John Terry’s latest NFT project, ‘Ape Kids Football Club’. Footballers and celebrities are welcomed by the NFT community, but many people are skeptical about their motives as they promote more projects, erase news and so on.

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