LooksRare NFT Marketplace now also pays $ LOOTS for NFT listing

The NFT market LooksRare recently announced that it will reward users for NFT contributions. There are 250,000 views per day. It will be divided among the eligible lists.

You can now view $ LOOKS simply by placing NFT on LooksRare. Yes, that sounded good to you!

How does it work?

The first payroll list starts today, April 21, at 09:00 UTC and the platform makes the first payments at 11:00 UTC. Basically, when a user lists NFTs from the top 25 qualified collections by throwing a 24-hour number, they earn points every ten minutes; if the record meets the LooksRare criteria.

Once a day, the platform updates the collected user points to APPEARANCE. Users can pick them up on the Statement and Trading Rewards page. Therefore, the higher the volume of trading in the collection on all platforms (including OpenSea), the more points the user gets.

Why does LooksRare do it?

Simple – LooksRare wants to bring more fluid to its market. With so many new NFT brands emerging, not to mention OpenSea’s popularity, users can forget about LooksRare and opt for other brands.

Strike rewards come from business rewards. Instead, the platform will reduce this scheme by 250,000 and will instead include this amount in the new water supply program.

LooksRare is the market leader, which has placed itself as the main competitor for OpenSea. The new incentive and reward system is very popular in the NFT community.

On April 6, LooksRare made headlines after the CryptoSlam data platform accused the marketing platform of money laundering. According to CryptoSlam, these illegal activities have reportedly generated $ 18 billion in trading on the platform.

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