MetaMask easily integrates Apple Pay and NFT purchasing with Fiat Easy

MetaMask has announced several updates for its latest version, one of which is a game change! Blockchain’s wallet says that iPhone users on their site can now buy cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay.

The image shows the Metamask logo during the integration of Apple payments

Now you can buy NFT more easily as MetaMask unveils a new Apple Pay integration update.

Easier MetaMask transactions via Apple Pay

Until the last update of MetaMask, if you want to buy a cryptocurrency, you must first convert Ethereum into its application. Now iPhone and Apple payment users can only use their debit and credit cards.

“We want to extend the way users can translate cryptocurrencies directly in the application without leaving it,” said ConsenSys Communications Director James Beck. The iOS update uses two payment gateways: Wyre and Transak. The two payment gateways will serve as “merchants” who process and support the user’s debit and credit card transactions.

In principle, holders of Mastercard and Visa cards whose cards are linked to Apple Pay can now purchase ETH directly on their phone. At this time, however, MetaMask is setting a deposit limit of up to $ 400 per day on the Wyre Payments API.

With Transak, users can now purchase stable items such as USDT, DAI and USDC directly on the main Ethereum network. The latest update for MetaMask also allows users to make bank transfers and use credit / debit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies for 60 named fiat currencies.

In particular, the gas fee for such transactions is lower than usual. If a particular transaction is a MetaMask from a private blockchain, there is a possibility that it is without gas.

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