Mutant Bio-Morphans: A remarkably growing NFT collection

Mutant Bio-Morphans is a strange and surprising future collection of beautifully described NFTs. NFT mutants with some exciting evolutionary mechanisms will be introduced next week on the NFT cross-chain label, LastKnown.

Let’s learn all about these fun mutants and how they came into being.

Mutant Bio-Morhpans is a dynamic new NFT collection from the Dutch illustrative duo Loulou & Tummie.

Everything you need to know about Mutant Bio-Morphans

The Bio-Morphans mutant is a collection of 1,200 color mutants on the Ethereum blockchain. The creators of the NFT are the Dutch illustration duo Laurens and Chantal Schellekens, aka Loulou & Tummie. These crazy characters draw inspiration from old robots, toy monsters and cartoon mutants from the 80’s. Not only that, but they also have a fun tradition that tells the story of how these alien mutants came into being.

The origins of Mutant Bio-Morphans basically begin in a secret laboratory in the heart of the forest. The absent professor, whose only company is Chicken Nacho, is experimenting with a radioactive substance called Zynadium. As a result of these experiments, 1,200 mutant eggs were abandoned and suddenly needed a home.

When people create Mutant Bio-Morphans NFT, they adopt the eggs along with the incubator. At the unveiling of the NFT collection, a few days after its sale, these eggs were released into the little babies of the Morphans.

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NFTs are divided into a creatively unique system

Of course, Mutant Bio-Morphans has a unique system built into the collection. Although it is worth noting that as a limited reduction of 1,200 NFTs, each NFT can be completely unique.

To explain this, there are four different types of Morphans, each of whom rarely occupies a different level. First, the most common is 1,143 Normagorf, which is anything but normal. This is followed by 40 Berzörks, which are actually the first eggs Nacho produced (the cunning hen can’t be limited in his appetite for radioactive waste!)

Followed by 15 Gnarlies. These amazing Morhpans gained much of their character from one night when Nacho ate the professor’s favorite toys, videotapes, and comics while he slept. Finally, there are only 2 Ultimutants – the most unique and mysterious of the Mutant Bio Morphans.

If all this forces you to adopt your own Morphane, then don’t worry – you don’t have to wait long! The Morphans presale will begin on April 12 at 4:00 PM UTC, with public sales continuing the following day, April 13 at 4:00 PM UTC. The price of coins for the NFT will be 0.065 ETH and both sales will take place in the LastKnown market.

Evolution is based on the experience of the NFT

What makes Mutant Bio-Morphans NFT so unique are the evolutionary mechanics of the collection. Morphans have basically five different levels of evolution. The first two phases of evolution therefore occur automatically after the holders’ eggs are released at the Morfana level.

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Once all Morphans are at level 3, it becomes the owner’s choice whether to upgrade their NFT or not. If they choose, they pay an extra 0.025 ETH for each evolution.

Having this unique special feature of NFT is important for creators. As Laurens Schellekens said of the project: “We can’t do this if we can do something else and push the boundaries beyond the usual NFT profile pictures (PFP). Remarkably, Laurens said that evolution “adds interesting unique dynamics and secondary excitement to the mix.”

Loulou & Tummie has been creating unique illustrations for almost two decades.

About the teams behind Mutant Bio-Morphans

Loulou & Tummie first started working on illustrations in 2004. Since then, they have created art for global brands such as Netflix, Disney, Facebook and PepsiCo.

Their drop partner is the NFT multi-chain marketplace, LastKnown. The platform is from Blockchain Foundry. It mainly focuses on quality artists and innovative drops. In addition, it gives the creators a blockchain experience to make their drops as successful as possible. Mutant Bio-Morhpans is the third NFT drop on the platform.

Overall, Mutant Bio-Morphans has some unique art, mechanics and a unique team of creative talents. That means it has all the good ingredients to make it an exciting NFT collection to look at.

To learn more about this amazing project, check out the project website, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, there are a list of allowed pre-sale access via LastKnown Discord and social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), so be sure to keep track of updates.

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