OpenSea will begin accepting credit card payments with Moonpay

OpenSea is set to accept NFT credit cards through Moonpay in an effort to expand its market. This comes after they have already released many other NFT brands such as Sorare and Rarible. They can now pay with different brands of credit and debit cards, such as American Express, Google Pay and Visa, without having to first convert Fiat into cryptocurrencies.

OpenSea has announced its move to enable credit card payments.

OpenSea credit card transfer

OpenSea has taken a step to expand the consumer-based NFT market to include those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. However, all NFTs will be natively supported and will still process all chain deliveries. This means that users do not have to leave the platform to pay.

This change in the method of payment concerns the NFT’s primary and secondary sales, including mining and the primary decrease. Those who use OpenSea will still need a wallet like MetaMask to maintain the NFT.

The move to credit card payments will come as part of larger OpenSea plans in the near and long term. Their next steps include efforts to support Solana NFT on the platform and the recent launch of their investment subsidiary OpenSea Ventures. This section will focus on expanding the Web3 ecosystem.

About Moonpay

MoonPay allows people to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, such as NFT, using major payment methods. Their strategy includes catering to many world celebrities with the NFT through their services. Celebrity list includes Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled and more. Their client list allows them to expand a large audience on Twitter in cryptospace. They have more than 56,000 followers on the main platform for the NFT. These followers include big names within the NFT: Cool Cats, Zeneca, Pranksy, Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki and others. The company is now one of the largest NFTs and cryptocurrencies when it comes to the brand.

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