Out of Africa NFT Brings Body Art Masterpieces to Blockchain

In a world where digital marketing seems to make real decisions, the writings of Out of Africa NFT prove the difference. Developed by Invictus NFT Lab, this project will bring top South African actors to the NFT scene from February 2022!

Essentially, the outreach program in Africa is a bridge between the physical world and the digital world. Authors now also have the opportunity to participate in the artistic community.

From bold portraits to vivid colors and new details, learn to explore real art in digital form. Photos of Out of Africa NFT collectibles from the gallery Out of Africa is a collection of NFT guides to the best South African visual arts built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Meet Out of Africa NFT Artwork

Out of Africa is a collection of 118 NFT depictions of actual works by some of South Africa’s finest artists. Each digital tool is associated with a real work of art in itself. As a result, NFT is tracking evidence of joining the latest masterpiece. These digital devices are called O-NFT (Original Artwork NFT).

Above all, Out of Africa is a bridge between the real world and the world of digital art in beautiful color combinations. This new project proves that we can now enjoy graphics in any form thanks to the power of non-fungible tokens.

“This collection represents the best, the most innovative and the most creative, offering African artists a win-win.” – Marelize van Zyl, Guardian of Exit from Africa writes

Awareness of Africa enables everyone to participate in the art industry on the NFT poster. Learn more!

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A photo of the art gallery is presented by the Africa NFT

The texts include old NFTs and NFT posters, allowing anyone interested in the art to participate in the community.

O-NFT and P-NFT: advertising, cost and purpose

The O-NFT collection by NFT sponsored by Real Art is available for purchase via a Dutch competition. The contest will therefore start in February 2022. Until then, you can win the special NFTs announcement by entering the special raffle!

Essentially, the team plans to release 15,1770 printed NFTs (P-NFTs) for each of the 118 original artwork collections. Most of these digital assets are passed on to community members through the digital lottery. Specifically, the team will also provide P-NFT for their business plans, which is crucial.

Pictures of 6 NFTs out of Africa

The colorful collection is the bridge between the physical world and the beautiful digital world.

First, 10% of the total project proceeds go to Community Finance. The project manager will use this money to increase the floor price of the P-NFT by buying and selling. Second, P-NFT allows art lovers to enter the industry in a new and affordable way. Having a picture of the traditional use of digital paper is a great investment that has recently been given to the NFT industry.

Essentially, the Out of Africa NFT collection will bridge the gap between body and art. Thanks to a simple project, we can now enjoy the drawing in any form, which is part of our long-term costs!

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