Shaquille O’Neal joins the DeGods NFT collection in Solana

The DeGods NFT Collection recently welcomed a new member to its community. The latest addition is none other than former professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal!

DeGods NFT welcomes Shaquille O’Neal as a final addition to her community.

Shaquille O’Neal continues to invest in the NFT

O’Neal is no newcomer to the NFT. Last year, he released his own NFT collection on Eternity. The collection contains five separate NFT highlights from his playing career. In addition, O’Neal also released another NFT collection called “Shaq Gives Back” for Christmas in 2021. He donated 100% of the NFT’s secondary sales and royalties to charity.

Prior to the release of his collections, O’Neal had already purchased two NFT Creatures of the World.

About the DeGods NFT collection

DeGods is a deflationary collection based on Solana consisting of 10,000 virtual gods available in Alpha Art and Magic Eden. Each DeGods NFT shows art with its creative clothing and bold colors.

The collection has recently become one of the most famous NFT projects based in Solana. In addition, it generated more than 49,000 SOLs in Magic Eden sales last week. At the time of writing, this costs almost $ 6.4 million.

Meanwhile, the current minimum price is DeGods NFT 181 SOL, ie about 18,494 USD.

The latest update to the NFT collection is the DeadGod initiative, which allows users to obtain more DUST tokens than the base DeGod NFT. Credit: DeGods NFT on Twitter

Last week, DeGods launched DeadGods. This is an initiative that allows DeGods NFT holders to exchange a different profile picture. DeGods holders can also obtain an NFT project token called DUST by terminating their NFT.

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