Solana NFT Marketplace Magic Eden combines Aurory x DeGods Token

Magic Eden, a leading NFT brand based in Solana, brings together leading NFT projects by combining their tokens. The platform starts with the Aurora AURY native token and the DeGods DUST token.

Magic Eden allows its users to shop NFT with Aurory’s AURY and DeGods’ DUST tokens. Credit: Magic Eden on Twitter

You can soon buy NFT at Magic Eden with Aurora and DeGods tokens

According to Tiffany Huang, head of content and marketing at Magic Eden, you can use tokens like Solana in the market. This means that collectors can use AURY and DUST to purchase Solana NFT from any collection of platforms. “We want the projects to be very happy to be able to use tokens on our site. We haven’t seen another brand do it, so we thought it was a great opportunity,” Huang said.

In addition, Huang said Magic Eden spoke with NFT’s “blue chip” Solana to integrate their tokens as well. However, at the time of writing, only DUST and AURY have been confirmed. He said the meetings were likely to begin in the next few weeks.

Two weeks ago, Openea NFT Marketplace announced that it will begin integrating Solana NFT into its platform this month. Asked about the potential impact of OpenSea’s entry into Solana’s market, Decrypt Huang simply said, “We are excited to be here. This will ensure great visibility for all Solana-based NFTs.”

Solan’s combination with Openea is likely to affect Magic Eden. However, the Solana-based platform can still maintain a unique trend by continuing to focus on the Solana ecosystem. The most important is the support of platform projects outside the NFT itself. Huang said: “We know our communities, we know what makes them fun, and we can deliver quickly. The fact that we are native Solana and community education has always been our advantage.

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