Steve Aoki bought Moonbirds NFT, but ran a curse?

Steve Aoki has confirmed that he bought the Moonbirds NFT in an announcement that sent vibes to the community. The mention of the “Aoki curse” soon spread on Twitter, and people subscribed to this strange myth. Many are now asking if this is a top signal for a new popular NFT project.

It’s an event a week or so away for the MoonBirds NFT project. Launched last week at 0.25 ETH, it is on its way to becoming one of the most important NFT collections in the world. In the six days since his arrival, the price of MoonBirds has risen sharply.

The NFT’s minimum price runs every minute, even after buying Steve Aoki

The minimum price of this NFT bird with 10,000 pixels is now an incredible 35 ETH. It ranks first in the OpenSea NFT marketplace. In the last 24 hours, this has generated almost 9,500 ETH (more than $ 28 million).

After almost a week of new trends for the new project, world-famous DJ Steve Aoki bought one of these beautiful birds. However, after hearing this news, NFT Twitter was full of people who sounded the alarm and announced that the MoonBirds would be destroyed.

One user, @steezysloth, said, “If Steve Aoki himself took MoonBirds with his purchase, it could overcome the Dragon Curse A The Lil B curse.” Many people seem to believe this curse and are already part of the NFT harassment, while some on Twitter quickly dismiss Aoki’s curse as useless.

Steve Aoki bought MoonBirds NFT, but is the curse real?

Steve Aoki is a huge NFT collector and has a large collection of NFTs including many BAYC, CryptoPunks, World of Women, Doodles and other popular NFTs. In fact, according to dappradar, the worldwide DJ has more than $ 3 million in the NFT.

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He also published his own NFT collections and founded ‘Aokiverse’. He was an influential person and used his position to demonstrate NFT technology.

In addition, he made NFT music last year, collaborated with Sandbox and launched the NFT marketplace. Frankly, someone who is so successful in the NFT community cannot be a curse to them.

Importantly, the curse (according to Twitter) is that it’s a high signal every time Steve Aoki buys an NFT, like MoonBirds. Previously, Aoki bought mainly NFT; It is true. The project has basically reached its peak and is sinking.

NFT creator Steve Aoki at the upcoming Musiv festival

Most people in the NFT area wear the NFT top.

Many NFT projects are in full swing, and at the peak of last year, every NFT project was bought. However, many in the NFT community have made some dubious NFT purchases, including me (thanks, CryptoRugs).

Maybe it’s the fact that Aoki bought a lot of NFT at the top last year. Of course, many NFT collections will not survive the NFT shortage in 2021. One user, @ Abbasshaikh42, believes that with the purchase of MoonBirds NFT, Steve Aoki’s curse has reached the level of the hysteria profession.

They said, “If you want a project, ask Steve Aoki to buy it first. Steve buys> Everyone thinks the floor will go into the tank> They’re trying to prioritize sales> Panic among other investors> They’ve also started selling. Aoki’s curse continues!”

It seems that the trends of the MoonBirds NFT collection will no longer be another victim of the so-called Steve Aoki curse. But who knows, only time will tell whether the curse is real for the Moonbirds or not.

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