The Chicago Bulls NFT collection will feature top artist Claire Silver

The American professional basketball team Chicago Bulls has teamed up with award-winning artist Claire Silver for its new NFT drop. It seems that the planned project will fall on the Coinbase NFT market. Yesterday, April 10, Claire announced the news on Twitter and said that she was “honored” to work with the basketball team.

The Chicago Bulls have teamed up with Claire Silver for their NFT collection. Source: Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls x Claire Silver: What we know so far

“Now that I’ve signed the contract, I’m excited to announce that the Chicago Bulls have asked me to design the NFT for their Coinbase collection,” Claire Silver wrote on Twitter. “I am honored to represent the common art of AI while examining the aesthetics of their iconic logo.”

Claire is known for her work in collaboration with artificial intelligence. In addition to artificial intelligence, he also specializes in oil, acrylic, digital illustration, collage, photography and more.

In fact, Claire Silver is not the only actress to work with the Chicago Bulls. Several leading NFT artists have announced that they are collaborating with the team on their upcoming Coinbase NFT collection. For example, Iranian-American artist NFT Sabet said on Twitter that they “enthusiastically announced this news.”

PROBCAUSE x Chicago Bulls NFT collection with bull

CAUSE x Chicago Bulls

Meanwhile, visual artist Efdot and artist, musician and animator PROBCAUSE are some of the other collaborating artists. She later tweeted that she was “excited” to work with the Chicago Bulls to “create an NFT collection with some of Chicago’s most talented artists!”

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However, the Chicago Bulls have not yet made an official announcement.

In fact, this is not the Chicago Bulls’ first engagement in the NFT. In July 2021, the team dropped the first official NFT collection, The Chicago Bulls Legacy Collection. What’s more, all NFTs in the collection are sold out in minutes.

The collection features six unique designs, including the iconic six World Team Championships. They are rarely available in three different levels and you can buy them on their official NFT secondary market.

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