The Hyped Hugonhugon Drugs Free Cat NFT Into Azuki Drama

Damn. After all that uproar with Azuki this morning, the Cool Cats NFT project also entered the drama. In case you haven’t heard yet, the founder of Azuki NFT, ZAGABOND.ETH recently approved the construction of 3 failed NFT projects before launching the Azuki NFT collection. Despite all this, there are many rumors that the Cool Cats NFT team is forcing ZAGABOND.ETH to clean up its past failure.

Cool Cats NFT was drawn into the Azuki drama this morning. What? WSO? Kanako? I have nothing to do with Azuki’s drama! Credit: Cool Cats NFT.

How was Cool Cats NFT together with the drama Azuki?

It all started with a Twitter user named @thelvlsix. According to @thelvlsix, the Cool Cats NFT team darkened the Azuki NFT team for revenge. Later another Twitter user @ 0xHustler shared the same rumor on Twitter. As the news spread like an avalanche, many people began to believe that the party was real.

Are Cool Cats really responsible for the rumors?

In fact, it’s a serious charge against Cool Cats. But the short answer is “no”. In the meantime, we have to confirm whether the Cool Cats NFT team is really responsible for the Azuki drama.

Also, what is it possible for Cool Cats to get out of this? One thing is for sure, Cool Cats is already a successful NFT project in space. Given that there is no reliable evidence to support this, it is probably just a rumor about FUD in other people’s bags. All in all, we should get rid of the rumors about Cool Cats with a pinch of salt.

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