VeeCon 2022 Tickets Released Pending!

VeeFriends Series 1 NFT owners are getting long-awaited NFT tickets to VeeCon 2022! As a result, digital tickets have also been placed on owners who use the BOOK GAMES Exchange website to redeem Gary’s past VeeCon NFTs.

VeeCon is one of the best events in the NFT space this year. The so-called “non-discussion” will be held for several days in Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 19-22.

VeeCon 2022 NFT Tickets: What You Need to Know

VeeFriends NFT hosts are now happy to keep their NFT VeeCon 2022 tickets in their wallet. All tickets are presented as ERC-721 digital devices. The symbolic proof allowed access to VeeCon 2022, a real event created for the VeeFriends community (no!). Unlike other NFTs, VeeCon is always in the wallet. In fact, each digital ticket is a combination with long-term value for the holder. Recently, VeeFriends and VeeCon creator Gary Vee asked if he could collaborate with other artists to release their special work VeeCon Ticket NFT.

However, the plan’s developer only released digital content sometime in April.

How to join VeeCon 2022?

First, you must have the VeeCon 2022 NFT Ticket in your NFT digital wallet. You can use the Events app to register for a virtual ticket in minutes. Specifically, the app only released in May 2022, before the event itself started.

This year, the VeeCon event will feature a wide range of speakers. Some of the more notable names are Snoop Dogg, Beeple, and Mila Kunis. During the meeting, speakers will share their understanding of business, economics and marketing.

“VeeCon 2022 is inspired by some of my favorite events I’ve seen in my life, including business meetings, music festivals, private outdoor events, and most of all summer activities. It’s the reunion of the my life’s work, and I’m going to pass,” said Gary Vee.

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