10 Metaverse jobs that might exist by 2030

10. Unpaid interns: Well, even the Metaverse wouldn’t work without them! :)

9. Metaverse Cyber-Security : will prevent hacking of avatars, NFT theft, data leaks and more.

8. Ad-Blocking Expert: will be responsible for preventing intrusion into your data to minimize targetted ads.

7. World Builder : Imagining how different worlds would look like and helping developers to create them.

6. Metaverse Storyteller: will design immersive quests for the users to explore the metaverse, training scenarios for the military, psychology sessions and more

5. Metaverse Hardware Builder: will design sensors, cameras, headsets, tracking and mapping units that are compatible with the codes.

4. Metaverse Safety Manager : will make sure that the metaverse is safe without sacrificing cuttingedge technology.

3. Ecosystem Developer: would be in charge of coordinating partners and governments to ensure that the various created functionalities are adopted on a large scale.

2. Metaverse Planner: will plan and implement all matters of functionalities into a fully virtual world.

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1. Metaverse Research Scientist : will require deep knowledge of computer graphics, computational imaging, deep learning, computer vision, and programming.