An Atlanta TV station fired its chief political commentator for insulting Trump during a live broadcast

A TV station fired its chief political analyst for his remark on Trump's "orange looming face."

Analyst Bill Crane said some viewers found the comment offensive and called the station to protest.

The station said Crane's comment failed to meet its standards for unbiased reporting and analysis.

An Atlanta-based TV station fired its longtime chief political commentator and analyst on Monday for mocking former President Donald Trump's physical appearance during a live broadcast.

Bill Crane had worked on WSB-TV as an analyst since 2006 until he was terminated for commenting on Trump's "looming orange face," the Atlanta Journal-Constitution first reported.

The TV station aired a statement from its general manager, Ray Carter, that said Crane had "uttered remarks about former President Donald Trump not aligned with our commitment for fair and unbiased reporting and analysis."

"As a result, we're ending our relationship with Mr. Crane, effective immediately," the statement read.

Crane made the remark during a Sunday appearance on WSB's Channel 2 when he was asked about Sen. Lindsey Graham and Gov. Brian Kemp having their testimonies delayed in the Fulton County District Attorney's investigation into Trump, per a clip posted on Crane's Facebook page.