BBC Platinum Party at the Palace: Major sound issues hit Diana Ross finale as fans plead 'can someone turn on her mic!'

Fans were blown away by the singer as she closed the Platinum Party at Palace concert

Diana Ross fans were left utterly disappointed after having trouble hearing the legendary singer during her magical performance at the Platinum Party at the Palace. 

The former lead singer of the group The Supremes was revealed as the last act of the night to close the show.

Ross sang her song Chain Reaction and then delivered a message for the Queen. She said: “Hello, from all the people here tonight, and millions watching around the world, we have one simple message to you: Thank you,” she said.

At the end of the programme, she continued her performance by singing the popular song 'Thank You' and 'Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.'

Although viewers were engrossed by her talent, some quickly picked up on the sound issues, as Ross' mic seemed particularly quiet and complained on social media.

One annoyed viewer said: "I thought there were rehearsals, so why has the sound mixer at the @BBC got the singing levels SO LOW compared to the music for Diana Ross?, whilst another chimed: "Why does Diana Ross sound like her microphone’s still in the USA?"

A third said: Is it a coincidence that the sound is bad for Diana Ross when it’s been great for most of the night?? #PlatinumPartyatthePalace." A frustrated viewer wrote: "Can someone turn on Diana Ross's mic please."

Another viewer said: "Her mic was out...the voice is the voice of a woman of her years. You know: So what? #DianaRoss commands a stage. A total pro.

Plus she's been flawed longer than anyone on that stage ...including #PrinceCharles. THE #Diva"