Dejounte Murray Feuds with Paolo Banchero

August is always the slowest month on the NBA calendar. 

The only time fans get to see their favorite players is through workout videos and the rare Pro-Am experience.

However, basketball fans watched a dramatic series of events unfold in real time last night.

Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray and Orlando Magic rookie forward Paolo Banchero competed at Isaiah Thomas’ annual summer hoops tournament, the Zeke-End.

Clips from the exhibition game quickly started going viral. Murray faked out Banchero before throwing an alley-oop to himself off the backboard. 

Then, as the crowd erupted, Murray said something to Banchero and threw the ball at him. 

Here is where the story gets both hard to follow and juicy. Murray posted the highlight video to his Instagram story.

Banchero then re-posted Murray's story to his own Instagram story but added his side of the story. Banchero called out Murray for unfollowing him on social media and sending double teams at him during the Pro-Am game.