Draymond Green’s eye-opening reaction to Warriors championship parade travesty

The Golden State Warriors are ready to host yet another championship parade.

This will be the Dubs’ fourth NBA Finals celebration in the past eight years. At this point, they should be pros at the party circuit.

However, it was recently reported that Warriors players will not hold any public speeches nor will there be a rally prior to the parade.

Some players will give speeches remotely which will be broadcasted, per Kron4 News’s Kylen Mills.

Draymond Green reacted to this breaking news, and it is safe to say he wasn’t pleased to hear that players won’t be speaking:

Draymond Green hosts a podcast and is a member of TNT’s basketball media crew. He is someone who appreciates discussing the sport and likes to make his opinions known.

Green certainly wants to say a few words at the Warriors‘ championship parade.

Green has been an important piece to the puzzle for Golden State over the years. He has been a part of each of their past four NBA Finals victories.

Although Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson receive plenty of praise due to their elite long-range shooting ability, Green is arguably the backbone of the team. His defensive tenacity and offensive unselfishness have been vital to the success of the Warriors

So winning four championships in eight years means a little something extra to him. Don’t be surprised if Dray finds a microphone and still manages to speak at this Warriors parade, because he wants to make his feelings known and surely wants to get more trash talk out there.