Eastern Kentucky’s Noah Thompson wins American Idol!

LOS ANGELES (WYMT) - Lawrence County native Noah Thompson is taking home the grand prize! Thompson won American Idol’s 20th season. This makes him the first American Idol winner from Eastern Kentucky.

A watch party was held Sunday night in Louisa at The Garden Theater. That is where Thompson first found out he would audition for American Idol. One of his friends convinced him to go on the show.

”We knew it was happening, and we knew how scared he was because it was happening,” said Vice President of Marketing with Addiction Recovery Care, Vanessa Keeton. “We heard about it, you know, from the projects, what Arthur was doing.”

The Lawrence County native built a dedicated following, starting with his neighbors in Louisa. “He’s really big. It’s kind of odd for someone from our town to be really big like this,” said fan Addison Sweeney. “It’s a really good opportunity for everyone to hear about our town.”

Lawrence County Tourism officials said people know Louisa now, with many being there since the homecoming party. “It’s been crazy really since day one,” said Wes Kingsmore, Chairman of the Lawrence County Tourism Commission. “But probably the last two weeks has really gotten nuts.”

Sunday night, Thompson competed in the Top 3 for a shot at winning a large crash prize and a life-changing record deal.

“I think it’s just that he’s so genuine,” said fan Victoria Pennix. “He’s got a great voice, don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing but everybody just falls for that heart and how sweet he is in all situations.”

Noah Thompson’s American Idol journey may be finished, but the start of his career begins with the fans.

HE DID IT! Noah Thompson is the winner of American Idol Season 20! 🤩 Noah, we are all so proud of you! Way to represent Kentucky and Addiction Recovery Care so well throughout this entire season. There is no one more deserving of this achievement!