Elliot Page Says Coming Out as Trans 'Made Me Better in So Many Facets': 'It's a Beautiful Thing'

The 35-year-old Oscar nominee appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday to discuss the new season of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy.

Page's character Viktor comes out as trans on the show, mirroring his real life: The actor came out in December 2020.

When asked about dealing with "negative reactions" from strangers after coming out, Page said, "What I want to focus on right now and has been so extraordinary is the degree of joy that I feel, the degree of presence that I feel."

"I feel a way that I really never thought possible for a long, long time," he added. "So that's really what I'm focussing on and embracing the most. But, of course, moments can be overwhelming."

Page said everyone deals with "expectations, sort of limits and constraints" in everyday lives, and there's an "obsession" over "how we're supposed to live our lives." The actor added, "To me, it'd be so special for us to all be able to connect and talk about how similar we are in all of our journeys."

Page explained that "everything" feels easier now. "It's a beautiful thing to experience now. Because a lot of the time my life was just trying to move forward, so getting to embrace the experience as much as I get to now," he said. "I think it's made me better in so many facets. As a person, as a friend, relationships."

Host Meyers later said, "Personally, it is really lovely to hear how much joy it's brought you, and thank you so much for sharing it with us and continuing to make it a story that other people can hear. It was really nice to see you again."

Page told Vanity Fair in April 2021 that as a kid he "absolutely" knew he was a boy. "I was writing fake love letters and signing them 'Jason.' Every little aspect of my life, 

that is who I was, who I am and who I knew myself to be," he said at the time. "I just couldn't understand when I'd be told, 'No, you're not. No, you can't be that when you're older.' "

He added, "Now I'm finally getting myself back to feeling like who I am and it's so beautiful and extraordinary, and there's a grief to it in a way."