Elon Musk told staff at his brain-chip company Neuralink he's frustrated with their slow progress, report says

Elon Musk is reportedly growing frustrated with slow progress at Neuralink, his biotech company, which is seeking to implant microchips in people's brains.

Four current and former Neuralink employees told Reuters that Musk had expressed frustration to staff over slow progress

Musk recently approached the CEO of rival firm Synchron about a potential deal, per Reuters.

Neuralink and Synchron are developing brain interface technology that links brain activity to computer systems. 

Synchron this year beat Neuralink to become the first to conduct human trials of its tech, which began in July, whereas Neuralink has yet to start testing in humans.

Two of the four sources cited by Reuters said Musk didn't communicate his frustration about slow progress to Synchron's CEO when he reached out about a potential deal.

Reuters said it wasn't clear what a deal would look like or whether it would involve collaboration between the two companies.