FIFA World Cup 2022: Japan Fans Impress By Cleaning Up Qatar Stadium After Opening Match

After an exciting football World Cup match, the stands are left with food waste, cups and wrappers scattered by the enthusiastic fans. The same thing happened at Doha's Al-Bayt Stadium during the opening match between Ecuador and host Qatar on Sunday.

But, the Japanese fans decided to stay back after the match and helped in clean-up of the stands. The video of their act quickly went viral on social media and amassed thousands of comments from users who appreciated it.

The video was originally shared by Bahraini content creator Omar Al-Farooq on Instagram from where it was posted on several other platforms.

It shows the Japanese fans, armed with large garbage bags, cleaning the stands after crowd left the stadium. 

The Good Samaritans marched through the rows picking up the bottle and other things, to leave the place just as neat as they had found it.

Al-Farooq is seen asking those people, "Why are you doing this?" In response, one of the Japanese men says, "We are Japanese, and we do not leave rubbish behind us, and we respect the place."

They also collected the flags that were dropped at the stadium by the enthusiastic crowd, adding that "these command respect".

Social media users were impressed by the gesture, and many of them posted "respect" on Al-Farooq's video. "I loved them even more," commented one user.

"They have respect and install respect in their children. So as we see this year and in previous years, the Japanese people are above others in their actions," commented another.

Similar gesture was shown by the Japanese fans after a Japan's match against Colombia in 2018. People around the globe were impressed by their readiness to clean up the stadium after the match.