‘Fortnite’ Down Ahead Of Season 3 Start Time After Chaotic Live Event Finale

Well, there’s another live Fortnite event in the books, the end of Chapter 3, season 2, where players were assigned to a giant mecha-bear battle mech to save the Island for the tenth or eleventh time. We’ve only failed twice so far!

This event has now knocked the game offline with season 2’s ending ahead of season 3’s debut early tomorrow, Sunday, June 5. The end of the event gave a “to be continued” screen with a mushroom, hinting at the theme of next season, it seems, whatever that could be.

Kind of reminds of me Avatar and Pandora, and I certainly wouldn’t put that kind of crossover past Fortnite. Though that movie doesn’t come out until December. And we did get one very clear hint about another big pop culture figure arriving next season.

Things started off with a waiting screen that had players inside the helmet unit of the mecha-bear, which previously slew the monster on the old map. We launched from the Seven’s moon base, and landed on the island to do battle with a whole bunch of tanks and blimps throwing missiles at us.

Here, like many of Fortnite’s last few events, what follows is a kind of on-rails mini co-op mission that I’m pretty sure you can’t fail effectively if you tried.

It was pretty cool though, lighting up tanks with your minigun on the map. Midway through, the bear is injured and drinks an entire truck of SLURP juice which was pretty funny.

Then, your minigun gets unlimited firing potential, you blow more stuff up and reach the middle.

Before you can throw your sword into IO’s Doomsday device, the ground blows up, and Jonesy leads your team through a short firefight alongside the Foundation.

Your team stops the crystal from reaching the top and Foundation and Jonesy pursue Geno. Nothing on the island got destroyed really except the giant device itself. And I guess all those tanks we blew up.

And the stuff near the tanks. Anyway, I expect new zones, but it’s not like we know a bunch of specific landmarks got nuked this time.