George Wayne claims he introduced Kate Moss to Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s ongoing legal battle against ex-wife Amber Heard has old gossip scribes dusting off their files from the ’90s.

On Tuesday, former Vanity Fair columnist George Wayne staked his claim as the person who introduced Depp to ex-girlfriend Kate Moss.

“It was I who introduced Kate and Johnny,” Wayne, 70, wrote in an Instagram post before Moss took the stand on Wednesday to testify on behalf of Depp.

Wayne claimed he “took her hand and immediately took her to Johnny’s table” when she walked into then-hot spot Cafe Tabac in the East Village in 1994.

“[I said], ‘Johnny this is Kate – Kate meet Johnny.’ I didn’t expect when I did that they would go on to trash five-star hotel rooms across the globe,” he continued, referencing “the famous incident at The Mark Hotel in Sep [sic] of 1994.”  

Wayne further spoke about the meetup to Page Six, telling us, “I remember it like yesterday! We were there every night. Cafe Tabac was like our high school cafeteria.”

According to Wayne, Depp, 58, was having dinner there for the first time when Moss, 48, arrived with supermodel bestie Naomi Campbell.

“I had a chat with him and about an hour later, [Moss and Campbell] walked up the stairs,” he recalled.

“The minute I saw her, I grabbed her hand and marched her over to where Johnny was sitting… the rest is history. They never left each other for four years after that.”  

Wayne told us he and Moss were neighbors in the West Village, where they would “hang out drinking on the patio outside, when she lived on Waverly Place.” Moss, however, seldom dished on her relationship with Depp.

“You could never get to the heart of anything with their private lives. [Naomi and Kate] were the cagiest bitches…. They mastered the art of not revealing anything,” Wayne alleged, adding, “I loved Kate. I miss her.”