Group of Death at World Cup 2022: Which collection of nations is the toughest in Qatar?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the final iteration of the 32-team format that fans have come to fall in love with over the past few decades.

With the 2026 tournament set to welcome a whopping 48 teams, the format is likely to change for good,

and the group stage could be softened to put a greater emphasis on the knockout rounds.

Still, the upcoming tournament should be a fascinating competition, and the group stage hasn't failed to disappoint over the years.

The World Cup draw attempts to distribute the teams evenly and create parity across the 12 groups of four,

but that task is nearly impossible to do perfectly thanks to the incredible amount of variety across the different participants.

Fans and media love to debate the "Group of Death" every four years, wondering which group is the toughest to escape.

The 2022 World Cup is no different, but one group does stand out above the rest.

While the top teams at the World Cup harbor dreams of lifting the trophy, they first must escape the groups and reach the all-important knockout rounds.