Guest asks ex-CNN host Brian Stelter: ‘Is John Malone responsible for axing your show?’

A guest on Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” CNN show publicly aired speculation about whether an influential billionaire was responsible for axing the left-leaning media commentary show.

During the program’s last show on Sunday, Insider’s chief media correspondent Claire Atkinson brought up media tycoon John Malone, a prominent shareholder of CNN’s parent company Warner Bros.

Discovery, questioning whether he was responsible for Stelter’s dismissal, as well as the new direction of the cable news network.

“Is John Malone responsible for axing your show?,” Atkinson asked without pausing for a reply. “I don’t know the answer to that. 

I think people might suspect it’s political. He’s a libertarian who believes in not paying taxes if he can avoid it.”

He said he’s not directly involved. That’s an interesting quote,” the reporter continued. “But then, I think he’s a businessman.

He’s looking at where the money is, where the audience is. And the viewership on the left is split between CNN and MSNBC, and the viewership on the right is all at Fox News.