HBO Is Treating ‘The Last Of Us’ Like Its New Flagship Series

After recent video game-to-TV adaptation misadventures like Halo on Paramount Plus, it’s easy to be skeptical of other projects in the same genre.

But there has always been something about The Last of Us that has seemed liked maybe, just maybe, this one could work out very well indeed.

– It’s an HBO original (not Max, even), which usually is some signal of quality, despite recent drama over there.

It stars The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal and Game of Thrones’ Bella Ramsey, which feels like a solid cast.

It’s being written by Craig Maizin, who did Chernobyl, and Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog is heavily involved in making sure it stays true to the game.

Now, at long last, HBO has finally showed off the first footage from the show, as so far it’s just been behind-the-scenes pics snapped by paparazzi and fans from far away. 

Not only that, but The Last of Us was given the premiere slot in the new “what’s coming to HBO” trailer, which had a host of new and returning series, but was given 30 seconds to itself, anchoring the trailer.

In it, we get a glimpse of many major characters, and get to hear lines delivered that are straight from the game itself,