How the 4-day search for a Memphis schoolteacher killed in a violent abduction led investigators to find her body

Shortly after investigators in Memphis, Tennessee, found a body Monday that was later identified as missing schoolteacher Eliza "Liza" Fletcher,

they discovered a pair of purple running shorts discarded in a trash bag nearby, officials said in a newly released affidavit.

The shorts matched the description of what Fletcher was last seen wearing when her husband reported her missing Friday after she didn't return home from an early morning jog.

As investigators were searching for the 34-year-old Monday, they spotted vehicle tracks in high grass near a vacant duplex and smelled the stench of decay before finding the body of an unresponsive woman on the ground, 

 the affidavit said. Officials announced Tuesday the body was Fletcher's. She was found about 7.5 miles away from where surveillance video shows she was abducted.

"To lose someone so young and so vital is a tragedy in and of itself, but to have it happen in this way, with a senseless act of violence, 

it's unimaginable," Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said Tuesday during a news conference.