Many LG users are frustrated after an “LG IMS keeps stopping” message has interrupted their usage, but what does it mean and is there a solution?

Having no battery on your phone is a frustrating situation, but on Sunday (23 May 2022), LG users were faced with an even more aggravating problem.

A message pops up so consistently that they can’t even use their phone uninterrupted. Some are even reporting that it’s draining all of their battery too – so much for a full charge!

If you’re an LG user with the ‘IMS keeps stopping’ message, do not fear – you’re not alone.

Users claim that it’s been 24 hours since their devices have almost been rendered useless by the continuous interruptions every five seconds.

It’s apparently an issue only with T-Mobile customers, but after reaching out to the provider, they claim that it’s an LG issue solely.

LG are aware of the issue and is working on a solution, tweeted the network company.

LG: WHAT DOES ‘IMS KEEPS STOPPING’ MEAN? IMS stands for IP Multimedia Subsystem Service; it is pre-installed in Android phones and allows multimedia services – such as calls and messages – to be delivered through an IP network system. This is done by connecting the IMS to the service provider, in this instance, T-Mobile.

Generally, it occurs due to the number of cache files on the phone, outdated applications, outdated Android software or third-party messaging apps.

Although LG has yet to offer an official fix or reason for the problem, the brand confirmed that its mobile business unit was shutting down in April 2021 due to the competitive sector. That being said, continuous software updates and customer support were promised.

FANS CLAIM THERE’S A TEMPORARY SOLUTION A Redditor has apparently sourced a fix. Disclaimer: There’s no guarantee that this will work and could affect the device in the future. Tread carefully when taking advice that’s not from the actual company.