Look at God! Addison Rae deletes bikini photo deemed ‘a mockery of Christianity’

Members of the Christian community took TikTok star Addison Rae to church over a social media post that some have deemed “a mockery of Christianity.”

On Tuesday, the influencer and actor shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a white, string bikini top bearing the words “father” on one side and “son” on the other.

After members of the Christian community accused Rae of disrespecting their religion, the image was deleted

A collaboration between athletic apparel giant Adidas and fashion brand Praying, the full swimsuit also says “holy spirit” on the bottoms — completing the Holy Trinity. 

Since she hasn’t commented publicly on the bikini backlash, Rae’s reasons for removing the post are between her and her God.

In a rebuke of Rae’s original post, @XAVIAERD tweeted, “All I’m going to say is—these people are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD. Just wait and watch.”

“why do you gotta disrespect Christianity like that?” tweeted @DannyBee8801. “You don’t disrespect any other religion, just Christianity? And why do you have to create it, @adidas? Not that I was ever a fan of adidas (or Addison Rae for that matter) but I’ll never buy anything from adidas.”

Others, however, were unbothered by Rae’s swimwear choices and urged the “He’s All That” star not to “listen to the church.”

“ppl cryin about addison rae wearing the father son and the holy spirit bikini is making me wanna support her like… ‘omg she is committing a sin’ GURL GO OUTSIDE PPL R DYING AND UR MAD CUZ SHE WORE A F— BIKINI,” @JlNSOULNECKMEAT tweeted.

Representatives for Rae did not immediately respond Thursday to The Times’ request for comment.