Lottery Reveals $250,000 in Powerball Winners Sold in Louisiana

The Louisiana Lottery has revealed that tickets sold in Louisiana for a Powerball drawing last week have produced $250,000 in winners.

These big wins continue Louisiana's "streak" of lottery luck. While the game's drawing did not produce a big jackpot winner a $250,000 payday, even if it is divided among two tickets is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

For clarity's sake, these big money winners did not come from this weekend's drawings of either Mega Millions or Powerball.

Those two drawings did produce many winners among the state's lottery players but there were no prizes larger than $300 in Saturday's Powerball drawing and no prize larger than $500 for Friday's Mega Millions game.

The drawing in question was last Wednesday's Powerball game. The date was August 24th and here is how the ping pong balls fell.

Both of the big money winners sold in Louisiana matched four of the five white balls and they also matched the Powerball.