Maggie Rogers: I have had many special moments soundtracked by Britney Spears

The 28-year-old singer namechecked pop megastar Britney - who regained control of her multimillion-dollar fortune and various aspects of her life when a conservatorship governed by her family was terminated in 2021 - 

on her new single 'Be Cool' and explained that she is a "big pop music nerd" and wants the record to serve as a "period of time."

She said: "My first CD was a dual purchase: '…Baby One More Time' and the 'Harry Potter' orchestral soundtrack, which is maybe all you need to know about me. 

Big pop music nerd over here! When I'm making a record, I always think about it as a record of a period of time, but in the same way that I'm tracking my internal landscape, I'm also a person in the world.

So, that Britney reference happened of course at the same time when all that [conservatorship] stuff was happening, because it's been a part of what the world looked like in the last couple of years.."

On the song, Maggie croons: "We could listen to Britney, overload the speakers" and the 'Alaska' hitmaker went on to explain that the 'Toxic' legend,40, is an inspiration to her because she is always a "powerful" and authentic" version of herself.

Maggie told PEOPLE: "Britney, to me, she's so powerfully and authentically herself. In the song, the idea of listening to Britney, in my mind, is a version of embracing the fullest you.

I feel so empowered and have had so many special moments in my life soundtracked by Britney Spears."