Paolo Banchero, Dejounte Murray Trade Barbs on Instagram

After dunking over Magic rookie Paolo Banchero on Sunday at the “Zeke-End” pro-am game hosted by NBA veteran Isaiah Thomas, 

Hawks guard Dejounte Murray traded barbs with Banchero on social media.

After the clip of Murray dunking over Banchero went viral, Banchero took to Instagram to call Murray out for unfollowing him and making the on-court rivalry personal.

Murray responded emphatically after seeing Banchero’s message, attacking the Magic rookie’s character in the process.

“You tried to flex that #1 pick s--t on me when I been rooting for you when you was a kid asking to rebound for me,” Murray wrote. 

“Don’t get on this internet saying nothing…you changed from the humble kid you always was and I stand on real s--t boy and you know!!!!!!! You made it and changed and I lost all respect.”

The newly-budding rivalry–one that fans didn’t know they needed–between Murray and Banchero should add some intrigue to games between the Magic and Hawks this season.

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