Paris Saint-Germain manager Christophe Galtier responds to criticism over 'sand yacht' comment

Paris Saint-Germain manager Christophe Galtier has responded to criticism around comments he made when answering a question about the club's use of private jets.

Galtier had sarcastically said PSG was looking into traveling to away matches by "sand yacht" after a reporter asked whether it was appropriate

given the climate crisis, to travel by private jet to Nantes, which is just two hours away from Paris by train.

His answer prompted laughter from PSG's star striker, Kylian Mbappé, who was sitting next to Galtier during the press conference.

Following widespread backlash in France, Galtier said he recognized that it was a "bad joke" but insisted the club is conscious of the climate crisis.

"Even if I love humor and it's important to make jokes, I realized that it was a bad joke on a very sensitive subject and I saw the proportions that it took," he told reporters.

"The first thing I'm going to tell you is that here at PSG, we are not out of touch: the club as a whole, the players,