Post Malone suffers bruised ribs after falling through a hole on stage while performing

Post Malone may not be feeling like a "Rockstar," but he does have the showmanship of one.

The Grammy-nominated singer, who’s currently on his “Twelve Carat” tour, suffered a rib injury onstage Saturday during a concert in St. Louis, Missouri when he fell after tripping on a hole in the stage, according to fan video of the performance shared on social media.

According to TikTok user Kelly Manno, who attended the concert, Malone appeared "too hurt to even get off the stage."

After "about 8 to 10 minutes, they were able to get him up and help him off stage," the TikTok user added. 

Despite the hiccup, Malone ultimately didn’t miss a beat. Malone returned to the stage, "apologized to the crowd for ruining the show" and then "someone hands him a beer, he takes a big swig of it" and finished his setlist.

Malone opened up about the mishap in a video posted to Twitter Sunday and thanked fans "for the patience."

"Thank you for putting up with my dumb (expletive)," Malone said. "Whenever we do the acoustic part of the show, the guitar’s on the guitar stand and it goes down, and there’s this big (expletive) hole. So, I go around there and then turn the corner and bust my (expletive)."