Rep. Dan Crenshaw compares far-right activist who confronted him to 'angry little boys' who 'can't get girlfriends'

Rep. Dan Crenshaw hit back at a far-right activist who confronted him at a GOP convention in Texas on Saturday.

"This is what happens when angry little boys like [Alex Stein] don't grow up and can't get girlfriends…," the congressman tweeted.

Far-right social media activist Alex Stein had shared a video on Twitter of himself confronting the Republican congressman and his staff while calling him a "globalist RINO."

Stein can be heard calling the Texas congressman "eyepatch McCain," and the video ends with a clip of Fox News host Tucker Carlson calling Crenshaw by that name.

Carlson coined the nickname earlier this year in reference to Crenshaw's support of US aid to Ukraine and compared him to the late Sen. John McCain, a well-known war hawk.

Crenshaw, a former officer in the US Navy SEALS, lost his right eye to an improved explosive device while deployed in Afghanistan.

Another Twitter user also shared a video of himself confronting Crenshaw at the same event, calling him a "fraud" and questioning his involvement with the World Economic Forum– which is a major target of online conspiracy theorists.

Mediaite reported that a witness said Stein and others were escorted out of the building, and "some arrests" were made.

"They got physical with multiple people, including hitting them with cameras," a witness told Mediaite. "His campaign manager was assaulted by being pushed aggressively into a pillar."

Stein took to Twitter to deny the allegations that he assaulted anyone and claimed that he was the one who had been assaulted by "Dan Crenshaw's private police force."

He reshared several videos and images on Twitter that show the incident from another angle, in which he appears to be held back as he tries to confront the congressman.